Vasilisa the Beautiful
The doll is based on eponymous Russian tale. According to the plot, Vasilisa’s mother died young, but before death she gave her daughter a doll. The doll was protecting her from any trouble. The girl was abused by her stepmother, but with doll's help help she found her happiness.
My Vasilisa has her own little doll as well. I like to think it would protect its owner from troubles and bring happiness.
Doll’s outfit is based on Russian traditional costume. Vasilisa wears traditional sarafan and embroidered kokoshnik.

One of a kind.
Porcelain, china paint. Joints lined with suede, doll assembled with elastic cord.
Wig is removable, made of natural mohair on the hot glue cap.
All clothes and accessories are one of a kind. Used materials: hand-dyed silk, Chantilly lace fabric, lace, sequins, silk ribbon, Japanese beads.
All elements of the costume are removable, all clasps are functional.
Earrings are attached, made of Sterling silver and pearl.
Doll necklace is made of biscuit porcelain, one of a kind.
Year of creation 2019.

Set includes:
- Assembled doll
- Removable wig with braids
- Silk dress
- Kokoshnik head decoration
- Lingerie
- Stocking
- Silk shoes
- Crystal glass necklace
- Porcelain necklace "Little doll"
- Ball jointed hands
- Regular hands
- Doll stand
- Sertificate of authenticity