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New costumed doll: Blooming Magnolia

Dear friends,

On the last day of spring, I’m glad to present you my new costumed doll, Blooming Magnolia.

Blooming Magnolia is inspired by wonder of spring, blooming and overall awakening of the nature. Her entire look is very gentle, pure and flowy, but also elaborated, like a warm spring breeze and a blooming tree. Magnolia's costume is very loosely based on German Alpine national costume, as Alps are associated with the most beautiful spring views. The blooming flowers are also represented with Magnolia's beaded silk headpiece. The color scheme is inspired by the actual magnolia tree, with green leaves and rosy flowers, but also this spring's fashion trends, which include pastel colors, particularly minty green.

Please see the Gallery for more photos and information.

Watch the video about how this doll was created:

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