Part VII: Final look


When the doll is assembled, I need to finish it’s look.

The first thing every doll need is a wig. I make removable wigs which can be replaced to give some creative freedom. I use goat hair which is several times thinner than the human’s. In doll’s scale it looks maximally realistic. 

I make wigs according to my own technology, implanting hair into a hot glue cap. The hair parting is made by hand: every lock is stitched up with a needle.

doll making
doll making

Those wigs are durable, hair doesn’t fall out during brushing or styling. To fix the wig on the doll’s head, the inner side of a cap is covered in a layer of sticky material.

Finished wig can be brushed, washed, styled and even dyed like real hair. Only high temperature exposure is not recommended.

Also, the doll needs eyelashes. Every lash is added one by one with tweezers and ceramic glue.

Now the doll should be dressed up. I use only natural fabrics: 100% silk of various types, cotton and leather. I dye the fabrics myself to reach deep and complex colors. For some colors, two or more dyes are needed.

doll making


Sewing for such a small figure requires ingenuity. To create clothes which look like normal human’s outfit on a small doll, I need to invent technologies, select fabrics and accessories, having in mind that clothes must fit well and be functional. It’s very important to me to make clothes which look realistic despite the size.

doll making

Shoes creating require much work, too. All shoes my dolls wear are removable, all buckles and lacings are functional. 
Tiny accessories are made by hand, too. My dolls wear accessories made of silver, gemstones, crystal beads and porcelain.

Now, several months of work are behind. The doll passed a long way from a sculpted model to a little porcelain lady. Now her mission is to bring joy to her owner. 

doll making

Find the finished dolls in

doll making
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