Part VI: Assembling


It’s now time for the most exiting step: assembling. The set of details I was working on is finally transforming into a whole doll. However, some pre-work is still required.

In every joint I put a wire bar which provides proper movement. Then every joint is lined with suede. it is long-lasting material which doesn’t react with porcelain or environment. Suede protects porcelain from friction and helps to fix the poses. 

doll making
doll making
doll making


Now I can proceed to assembling. A doll is assembled with elastic cord: it’s a round textile rubberband, designed specifically for ball jointed dolls. The cord comes through every part of a doll and is fixed inside of head and limbs with small hooks.

Ball jointed hands are assembled the same way: a wire bar is put into every single finger and the hand is brought together with jewelry spandex.

At last, after several months of work the doll is assembled. Once again I check the joints’ movement and the tension of the cord.

doll making

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