Part II: Molding

When the model is finished, I can start the plaster mold making.

Molding is the dirtiest, physically demanding and dangerous step in doll creating. I need to be careful, keep order in the workplace and follow safety rules.

First I need to define where the seams will be. Seams are the places where mold parts contact with each other. They must be done very carefully and the amount of seams must be minimal. Some of the doll’s details, for example, the chest and the head, have a complex shape, that’s why the mold must be made of more than two parts. For the most details two parts of the molds are enough, but it’s important to determine the seam line correctly, the other way the detail will get stuck in one of the mold’s parts.

doll making
doll making

For mold making the detail need to be covered in modeling clay, except from the part which is being molded. The modeling clay need to be put very smoothly at the seam line. Then the cardboard “walls” are added; now we have a kind of “room” with the detail stick out the floor. In this “room” I pour the liquid plaster, applying it very carefully to cover every little part.

After the plaster dries, I remove the modeling clay and repeat all steps until the whole mold is done.


Now it needs to dry completely; it takes up to several days for big molds.

doll making
doll making

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