Sofie Dolls are designed and created completely by hand. The models are developed from scratch, including ball joints.

The dolls are flexible, they have 20 points of articulation, allowing them to take many natural poses, and 10 extra tiny joints in hands for gesturing.



Each doll is created individually for each buyer, according to your wishes. There are several types of faces and bodies limited in a small amount of pieces. Detalization and painting is uinique for each piece. Every doll has it's own individual features and is an unrepeatable piece of art.
Collection edition dolls are one of a kind. Working on collection edition, I create a completed and unique image.



Sofie Dolls are made of finest porcelain and painted with china paint, which is fired in the kiln and bonded with porcelain at the molecular level. These paint will never erase or fade. Porcelain is resistant to the environment, porcelain products remain unchanged indefinitely. Porcelain dolls retain their unchanged appearance for many years and are perfect for collecting.



All clothes is sewn by hand, one of a kind. For clothes, I use only natural fabrics dyed by hand, finest lace, Japanese beads and sewing accessories. Clothes are made according to doll's size, it's fully functional and has all required fastens and buttons. All elements are removable, they can be changed and combined to create different looks. Wigs are also removable, they can be changed, braided and styled like real hair.